Monthly Roundup #1 – Aug 2022

I am going to start a monthly roundup series which will be published end of each month. It will be mostly about news around the tech world and some interesting things along the way to share if available.

If you know anything to share for upcoming roundup, feel free to share them.

*Note: nothing is in particular order. They are written as is and no specific preference is applied to this them.

1- Dell XPS 13 Plus developer edition with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Let’s start our first roundup story with Dell laptop. Dell XPS 13 is a powerful laptop aimed at developers. The good part is that Dell also offers it with Linux distribution like Ubuntu 22.04 LTS pre-installed.

2- Firefox 104

If you are following Firefox or most browser these days the release cycle is one month now. Which means every month you will see a release from Firefox.

Mozilla has announced Firefox 104 with:

  • Subtitles are now available for Disney+ in Picture-in-Picture
  • The Firefox profiler can analyze power usage of a website

3- Commit ssh verification – GitHub

If you are using GitHub, the good news is that commit ssh verification has just landed.

4- VS Code and telemetry

It’s an old read, but if you are interested in what data is sent to Microsoft by VS Code check the article below. Bdw you can use VSCodium etc instead.

5- Earth maps

If you are interested in checking out a new and not so frustrated way to check maps, don’t miss this one.

6- Kdenlive 24.08

KDE team has released Kdenlive 22.08 with bunch of new features.

  • Subtitle Styling
  • Effects and Compositions
  • Glaxnimate Integration and Lottie Support

Don’t miss out on this if you are into video editing.

7- GitNex 4.5.0

GitNex 4.5.0 is out with Material You design and code editor. Check out the release blog post for more details, screenshots and video featuring all the new features.

Disclaimer: I am the owner/developer of GitNex.

8- From this website

If you would like to know what was published on this website this month. Check out this month archive.

That’s pretty much it for this startup article, hope I will have more news and interesting things to share next month.

If you have any suggestions to improve this roundup series, news or ideas to share, feel free to reach out.