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Fix OBS crash on NVIDIA drivers on Manjaro

I use OBS to record an Android emulator screen for the app I build. Since two months, after updating my Manjaro system including NVIDIA drivers, things went broke. So let's see how we can easily fix OBS crash on NVIDIA drivers on your Manjaro system.

Create Windows Bootable USB on Linux

If you are a Linux user, there could be times you want to use Windows. You can either simply install it in a virtual machine or just dual boot it with a Linux distribution. To dual boot, you will need a bootable USB of Windows (easy this way than creating DVD etc). In this article I am going to guide you how to quickly create a Windows bootable USB on Linux with UEFI and legacy boot support.

Install and configure Powerlevel10k Zsh theme

In this article, I will guide you through the process of installing and configuring the Powerlevel10k Zsh theme. This theme is highly popular and loved by many for its customizable features.

Fix ENOSPC System limit for number of file watchers reached

This error may be new or familiar to you when working with VS Code or Node.js application. This is because the default number of file watchers is small on most Linux distributions if not all. I am using Manjaro, so I will show you how to fix the Error ENOSPC System limit for number of file watchers reached.

Convert PNG images to WebP format with Imagemagick

Modern web is more about compression and one of it are images. There are many things which can be minified and compressed like CSS, JS, server side compression and even HTML of the page. Here I am going to show you how to convert PNG images to WebP format with Imagemagick while maintaining the same quality but reduced size.

How to fix error: failed to synchronize all databases on Manjaro

Normally I update my system when there is a notification about updates. But for some time I did not get any notification. Firefox was stuck at 105 version and so was KDE plasma at 5.25.x. I was curious and ran sudo pacman -Syu and got an error, error: failed to synchronize all databases.