Alternatives to Google search

When it comes to search engines, Google is the one that most of us have heard of, and even some who use it may not realize they are doing so. In short, Google search is just everywhere. However, there are now quite a few decent alternatives that will respect your privacy. In this article, we will talk about alternatives to Google search and how good they are for searching.


7 Problems Cloud Storage Users Might Face

Cloud storage can be a lifesaver in many instances. Imagine needing to share a file with someone else for work, but you cannot send it via email because the allowed attachment size is too small.

How to optimize your WordPress website

From optimizing images and minimizing plugins to improving page speed and leveraging caching, we'll cover everything you need to know to make your website fast, functional, and user-friendly. Read on how to optimize your website built on top of WordPress.

How to install Matomo (Piwik) on Ubuntu server

Matomo previously known as Piwik is an analytic tool which can be installed on-premise. It is a Google Analytics alternative with data in your control. If you want to install and setup an analytic tool on your server for different reasons, Matomo is the one you should be looking to install.


Install Nextcloud 26 (Hub 4) on Ubuntu 22.04

Nextcloud 26 (Hub 4) focuses on AI integration with Talk, search and more. You may not find any big UI changes or features in this release. But in terms of AI integration it is still a release worth installing or upgrading. In this article I will guide you how to install Nextcloud 26 on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS with a free SSL certificate from Let's encrypt.