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Free alternatives to GitHub and GitLab

Ever wondered if there are free or maybe open source alternatives to two of the most popular code management tools like GitHub and GitLab there? Yes there are and it does the job pretty well with less resources too. I am going show you some free alternatives to GitHub and GitLab in this article.

How to revert a git commit

As a developer you may have used or using Git for code management. Git is a powerful tool and can do a lot of operations based on the requirements. Here in this article I show you how to revert a git commit either HEAD or in the middle.

Use Meld as a Git diff tool

Meld is a great tool for files/directories comparison. Git on the other hand also provide diff command line tool, which some users may prefer too. I am going to show you how to use Meld as a git diff tool here.

Set Git default branch

We will set git default branch and change master to main in this article.