GitNex 5.4.0 is Out with Import/Export Functionality

With each GitNex release, there is something to look into, and this time it’s a big feature: importing and exporting your data. Read on to learn more about GitNex 5.4.0 and the import/export functionality.

1- Import/export app data

With this release, you can now export all your data, including account information, repository metadata, notes, drafts, and app settings, and restore them anytime you would like.

You can find this feature in Settings. You also have the option to restore it on the login screen in case you have freshly installed the app.

2- Update profile settings

You can now update your profile settings, including your full name, email visibility, activity visibility, location, description, and more.

3- Add SSH key to account

Would you like to add your SSH key without leaving your phone? You can now easily do so on GitNex through your account settings screen.

4- Delete email from account

Are you in a situation where you want to delete an email from your account? No worries, you can easily delete emails from your account now.

That was a summary of the key features of this release. Of course, there are also improvements and bug fixes aimed at making your experience more enjoyable.


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  • Open specific URL in deep links
  • Show open in browser with other buttons in deep links
  • Show pinned messages in timeline
  • Hide Comment button if issue is locked
  • New languages and translation updates

Bug fixes

  • Fix crash on dynamic snackbar colors for older Android versions
  • Fix missing text after links in issue/pr
  • Fix emoji parsing in code blocks in issue/pr
  • Fix crash on null objects in timeline from API
  • Fix not seeing labels for repo admin when code option is disabled
  • Fix Task list in Markdown
  • Fix other issues related to Markdown
  • Fix crash on images with no path

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