GitNex 5.0.0 is out with timeline view

GitNex is an Android app for Git management tool Forgejo and Gitea. In this article I am going to share the new features of GitNex 5.0.0 which is out today, highlighting timeline view, notes and more.

If you want to see the features in action, you can watch them in the video below.

1- Timeline view

GitNex 5.0.0 comes with a timeline view for issues and pull requests. This API was introduced in Gitea version 1.17. It is still missing few things, but for most part it gets the job done pretty nicely.

You can see different actions like labels changed, mentioned in issue/pr/commits, assigned to user and more.


2- Notes [App only]

This is an app only feature and maybe useful to some users if not all. You can take notes quickly inside GitNex now and later can copy and use it elsewhere. It supports full Markdown format. We are planning to extend it by adding it to issues and pull requests.


3- CI statuses for commits

Users who enabled CI for their repositories would like this features as it shows you CI statuses for commits right in the app.


4- Markdown preview for issue/pr descriptions

You can now quickly view the changes made to the description of an issue or pull request. It is available for both when creating new issue or pr OR when editing them.


5- Material profile view

In this release we have also updated the view for user profiles to Material 3. Also added following, followers etc information to the screen. This also covers organization and repository overview screens.


Beside these new features we have also improved our Code Editor (CE) in this release, added new languages support and inherit your theme selection.

We have also squashed few bugs along the way, notable ones are:

  • Fix open in browser loop
  • Fix not showing labels for user as organization
  • Fix missing sub path for assets