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M M Arif


Install Nextcloud with PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 22.04

Most of the default installations of Nextcloud goes with MySQL/MariaDB, but Nextcloud support other databases too like PostgreSQL and SQLite. I will show you how to install Nextcloud with PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 22.04 in this article with Apache and PHP.

Free online photo editors

When it comes to designing, most of us know about a thing or two about Photoshop or GIMP in some cases. GIMP is an open source and free tool available for all platforms. But here today we are going to explore two free online photo editors which may work for most of your use case.

Free alternatives to GitHub and GitLab

Ever wondered if there are free or maybe open source alternatives to two of the most popular code management tools like GitHub and GitLab there? Yes there are and it does the job pretty well with less resources too. I am going show you some free alternatives to GitHub and GitLab in this article.

How to revert a git commit

As a developer you may have used or using Git for code management. Git is a powerful tool and can do a lot of operations based on the requirements. Here in this article I show you how to revert a git commit either HEAD or in the middle.

Install and use PostgreSQL in Arch or Manjaro with PHP

I would not go into details of what is PostgreSQL as I am pretty sure you already know about it. But in this guide, we will install and use PostgreSQL in Arch or Manjaro operating system with PHP including how to manage the databases.

Monthly Roundup #1 – Aug 2022

I am going to start a monthly roundup series which will be published end of each month. It will be mostly about news around the tech world and some interesting things along the way to share if available.