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How to Upgrade to Windows 11 in 2024

My PC serves as a workhorse and Windows is rarely utilized for my tasks, primarily limited to building a few applications. Consequently, upgrading isn't a pressing necessity for me. However, I pondered, why not attempt to bypass these requirements and see if it's feasible? So read on to learn how to upgrade to or install Windows 11.

Getting Started with React on Windows

React is a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. If you're a Windows user and want to get started with React development, this guide will walk you through the steps to set up your development environment and create your first React application.

KDE Apps for Microsoft Windows

KDE desktop is a popular desktop in the Linux world. They build and release different apps to complete your basic experience when using the desktop. I personally use KDE on the Manjaro operating system, and to be honest, it is the best in terms of usability and the apps they provide. Here today, I am going to share KDE apps which are also available for Microsoft Windows free of cost, and they are open source too.

Create Windows Bootable USB on Linux

If you are a Linux user, there could be times you want to use Windows. You can either simply install it in a virtual machine or just dual boot it with a Linux distribution. To dual boot, you will need a bootable USB of Windows (easy this way than creating DVD etc). In this article I am going to guide you how to quickly create a Windows bootable USB on Linux with UEFI and legacy boot support.